My Creative Stuff (aside of my MMO thing うはwwwwww)

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My Creative Stuff (aside of my MMO thing うはwwwwww)

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I like to doodle and sing and make music.


My only proud chibis......I am bad at chibis. But these chibis I did one day (took me all day - slow at art うはwwwwww) and liked it. last year.

And doodled up husbando last year for DQXI English release.

(I'm not supposed to sing as it makes me sick, and my voice does suffer cause of my disability BUT IMMA SING ANYWAY YOU GAIZ SO apprECIATE IT XD Just wanna heads up as to why my voice and/or breathing sounds werid when I sing. Dun laugh.)


Zelda Lullaby (just messing around one shot)

(I mostly liked singing more rocking songs but these songs suit my natural voice better. But i do use a "rocking voice" too when i sing type of songs I love. うはwwwwww)

A more rockin-ish cover

Music Making:
(in many instances, I direct the song - may sing out the individual parts and my bro put them together in program cause I sucked at manipulating programs XD)

Theme to my first game ever made. Just vocals-less. Cause it's a remake of a song I wrote for my band to play for the game. This is my first music I ever created. ^ u^

Theme to upcoming game in future. Also older piece.
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