Diana plays the piano

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Re: Diana plays the piano

Post by Diana_Liuba »

Hey seikens!

Oh man... I thought no one would reply. Thanks man :3 I'm really happy if you like my playing!

But I have one bad new... My friends camera broke so I just have this damn bad camera from my first videos... But I got a cable to connect my PC with the piano, so I can make recordings. No video of me playing through... But maybe a video of game play? From the games. I believe, I can get a ton on videos from nice guys and ladies, who played the game. Well, I'm waiting for your answers, ideas, whatever.

See ya!
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Re: Diana plays the piano

Post by manaman »

Bummer about the camera. Stil, it sounds promising. The audio might be so well improved having a little game footage in the background would be a fine trade off for not seeing your hands. Anyway, I think for some non-musicians, that might even be preferable--though I like to see how a musician plays something.
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Re: Diana plays the piano

Post by gamekrazzy »

Wow, You are really good! I subscribed to you on Youtube! The biggest thing I noticed with your covers though, is the timing. The timing seemed off at times. Other then that though, I thought you were quite really good! Post more!
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