Some more information - Beta games, versions, pictures, etc.

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Some more information - Beta games, versions, pictures, etc.

Post by Diana_Liuba »

Heya seikens, I'm back!

I think it shall be public, that I'm gonna make a Seiken Densetsu-fanpage for all German (and of course are English speakers and every foreign people invited, too :3 But you won't understand, what you're reading...). And for this I thought about a page, where I collect all random stuff like Beta games, never released games, beta screenshots, unused charakters (with pictures would be grateful), and stuff. I would also be grateful, if you can give me more information about 'The Emergency of Exkalibur' (or Excalibur? I'm not quite sure about writing...) Maybe you also found some eastereggs, bugs etc. from the Mana games (I think no game was ever so filled with eastereggs than Secret of Mana in German. Sadly that you don't unterstand it... go on and learn it, The afford is it worth ;)) You can give me information about ALL mana games. from Emergency of Exkalibur to Heroes of Mana (and maybe Circle of Mana? Someone got new information?) Oh yeah... I forgot... If you have scans from magazines (is it spelled like that? I need to upgrade my dictionary xD) I would be grateful If you can send me them. In Germany, we lack in having this... (We're even not sure how to write our language, why shall we have something like this? ;)) And these guides you got along with the older games. Some interesting screens... Everything you guys can collect would help me. Thanks for ya help, I own ya something. :)

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Re: Some more information - Beta games, versions, pictures,

Post by manaman »

Good luck on your project, Diana!
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